Make Your Own iOS Games With Createrria

by on December 9, 2013

Createrria is available now on iOS devices and allows would-be developers to create their own fun on their mobile devices.

The premise is fairly simple and the clue is the name. Using a diverse set of tools at your disposal, you can create your own games with the assets that Createrria gives you, or even make homages to other popular mobile games, such as the mad avian fellas. After making your own masterpieces (or disasterpieces), you can then share them to be scrutinised by other Createrria players.

Co-founder of Polish indie studio Invuco, Wojciech Borczyk, explained how excited the team are about the project:

“I often start Createrria early in the morning just to check new crazy game ideas that appeared in the community the previous night. It’s a great feeling when players surprise you with new creations.”

The idea apparently came from the fact that there are a number of mobile apps that allow users to create all manner of things, but few that allow you to make games. Invuco decided to step in and the result was Createrria.

You can pick up the app right now on iOS and let your imagination run wild. The best thing about this is that it’s free-to-play, so get cracking on those billion dollar ideas!

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