Incoming Gamemode for World of Tanks

by on January 23, 2014

Wargaming have announced that World of Tanks is getting a new game mode.

The upcoming 8.11 update will add Confrontation, which teams up players using vehicles from the same nation and pits them against a opposing team using a different nation.

National team combat has apparently been high in the community’s checklist.

“We have always valued World of Tanks community’s feedback above all else,” said World of Tanks Lead Producer Mike Zhivets. “The combat mode with national teams has been a popular request from our players for quite some time, and we are excited that they will soon be able to try it out.”

The update will also bring several new maps, Windstorm, a brand new winter battle arena in a European setting, as well as a winter version of Himmelsdorf and a revamped Ruinberg, featuring rainfall and fires.

Battle of Kursk recreation anyone?

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