Let’s Play: Blackguards

by on January 20, 2014

There were a lot of games that I came out of last year’s E3 wanting to get my hands on, and Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards was on that list. I remember being in a small cubicle-esque room with a bunch of other journalists and having Blackguards on one side and Goodbye Deponia on the other. Every time I was being shown the finale of the Deponia trilogy, my gaze would shift back to the turn-based RPG that had really grabbed my attention.

Blackguards, as I mentioned, is a turn-based RPG, which means that you’re going to be taking more than just a blade into battle if you want to best your opponents. The sharpest thing you’re going to need are your wits. There’ll be a lot of tactics involved, a lot of environmental kills and quite the fair share of cheesy dialogue.

But you’re not here to hear me talk about the game, you want to see it for yourself, and that’s exactly why we’ve got a nice new Let’s Play video for you.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of polish that needs to be applied to the game in order to get it out of the ‘Early Access’ camp and into the full release, but Daedalic Entertainment have quite a fun little RPG here. A little rough around the edges, sure, but something that’s still rather fun to play.

I’ll be keeping an eye on its development for sure.

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