Big name games added to Gfinity Tournament Roster

by on February 11, 2014

DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 14 and StarCraft II have all been added to Gfinity’s eSports calendar for 2014.

Gfinity is best known for producing ‘elite’ Call of Duty tournaments. These tournaments, when broadcast last year, had viewing figures that apparently surpassed all twelve Sky Movies channels and all nine MTV channels. Their words.

Gfinity has prepared seasons of up to five weeks for each of the new additions with the first round of competitions beginning Monday 24th February. Matches will be broadcast every evening from Tuesday to Friday.

Each tournament will offer the top six teams the chance to compete for prize pots of up to $10,000, with Gfinity giving away a total of $25,500 between now and the end of March.

Those that wish to take part will need to register themselves and their team on www.gfinity.net to sign up. Registration closes February 17th. The website also has a list of upcoming streams.

All those games and not one fighter? Truthfully, I am disappointed. To include Call of Duty Ghosts and Counter Strike, but no Street Fighter (or game of similar ilk)? The fighting genre offers up some of the best drama and moments in the eSport scene, in my opinion, and it feels like a glaring omission in Gfinity’s broadcast schedule.

Still, good to see they’ve got a lot of cash to throw at the games most tournaments are already streaming, and perhaps we’ll see a scrapper join their ranks soon enough…