Running Shadow Gets New Trailer and Art

by on February 7, 2014

Running Shadow is a mobile endless runner game being developed by Game Insight. I know what you are thinking, ‘god not another Temple Run clone’ but there is a chance that the brand new trailer will change your opinion. (Although there is also a chance that it wont).

Along with the new trailer some concept art was also released, but what is really interesting is the reveal of the ‘dark and shadowy world of Hadrion’ where Running Shadow is set.

“The game’s majestic city of Hadrion was built upon the ruins of the now-submerged Old Town. Beneath the city lie the Dwarven Caves and the eerie Dungeon of the Old Ones. The city has survived the ruinous reign of the Old Gods, who were callous and indifferent to their people, as well as the massive disaster known as the Flood, and the conflict known as the Rebellion.

Long ago, Hadrion was split into two parts: the Upper City and the Lower City. An unscalable wall was erected between the two partitions, and guarded day and night by the Royal Guard. The Upper City belongs to rich and powerful clans, whose clandestine operations are steeped in vice and decadence. Life in this area has long been characterized by inhuman cruelty, treachery, and murder. Meanwhile, the sprawling Lower City is a home to vagabonds, beggars, and thieves. The power players here are the Fraternity of Shadows, an elite society of master thieves, ruthless assassins, and other mercenaries free of pity and principle.”

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