New World Of Warplanes Update Makes It E-Sport Ready

by on February 6, 2014

Wargaming today revealed that their latest update for World of Warplanes is set to make the game ‘exciting to watch via live steams and gratifying to play, be it on casual or pro level’.

Update 1.2 brings enhanced camera effects which aim to make the game more cinematic and exciting to live stream, as well as introducing the ability to record and share your own replays. The update will also add post-battle stats to each encounter, in order to humiliate you via livestream.

The biggest addition this update brings however, is the new ‘Battle Missions System’, offering players mini challenges to complete and special events that can earn them extra credits.

Are you an avid World Of Warplanes fan? Are you excited about this update? Are you concerned why we’re asking you all these questions? Stay tuned to godisageek.com for possible answers.