Debatable is a New Show and It Starts on Monday

by on April 11, 2014

So, the thing about weekly opinion video shows is that there are a lot of them out there. In the video games space alone, you have many people telling you what they believe to be the truth, according to them.

Many of these people I have a great respect for, but I think — and it’s just my opinion — that some have a tendency to parade their opinion as a fact.

But isn’t discussion a much more enjoyable facet of life. Perhaps opinions can be changed as one person brings certain things to light that you may have not already known.

Starting on Monday April 14, I, Colm Ahern, will be posting a weekly video where I’ll take something that’s irked me, or pleased me in the past week and give you my opinion on the matter.

I’ll never say that my opinion is a fact, or that you shouldn’t seek other industry folks’ thoughts, because that’s just silly. Of course you should consume as much information on this glorious hobby as you possibly can. Also, you could possibly see my opinion change over time on a particular matter, too. We are humans after all and debate is good. That’s why everything we say is, more often than not, [Debatable].