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UbiSoft’s Shape Up Aims to Get Gamers Fit

by on June 10, 2014

Shape Up, a Fitness Program designed for gamers in collaboration with Microsoft, was announced at UbiSoft’s 2014 E3 Press Conference.

The concept is simple – working out is boring, so let’s make it fun. The idea is that gamers like to set and beat high scores, and if they’re working out while doing it they won’t know as long as it’s fun.

It’s not a new concept. UbiSoft’s first demo of the game was a rhythm action offering with more than a bit of DDR to it, but the presentation has a very fun Katamari/Wario Ware slant to it that certainly jazzes up proceedings.

The game is built exclusively for Kinect, as you’d imagine.

Honestly? It’s no where near as bad as one might judge it as being. I’d go as far as to saying it looks alright, actually. I’d probably quite enjoy it! I just feel sorry for Nintendo, wasn’t making fitness fun Nintendo’s whole QOL pitch?