New Xbox One Crackdown Game Isn’t Crackdown 3

by on June 18, 2014

When the long-rumoured new Crackdown game was finally announced at the end of the Microsoft E3 2014 conference, many gamers were understandably over the moon – Crackdown 3 was finally being made! However, Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb has come forward quickly to let gamers know that they are getting the wrong end of the stick by calling this in-development game Crackdown 3.

As reported by VG24/7.com, Lobb states his dislike for creating an endless list of numbered titles within a series, and that this latest Crackdown title doesn’t necessarily carry on directly from Crackdown 1 or 2, so whilst it is a title within the same universe it isn’t a sequel. Lobb states that:

“You can blame me for 20 per cent of that… I don’t like X game number seven. It’s a good idea sometimes to have a game with a subtitle. But some games, and Crackdown is a perfect example, is it really 3? It is the future. This is a different place, long after the original game. But is it 2? Is it a different universe than 2? Yeah, it’s kinda a sequel to 1.It’s Crackdown.”

The good news however is that Dave Jones, Director on the first Crackdown game (back when his company Realtime Worlds was still functioning), will return to work on the game – along with his new company Cloudgine and Microsoft Studios. The title is planned for release sometime in 2015, so there is still a way to go in the development cycle, but it is certainly great to see that the series will be returning.