Cliff Bleszinski Is Back With New Game BlueStreak

by on July 8, 2014

Remember Cliff Blezinski (perhaps better known as TheRealCliffyB on Twitter), well after taking some time away from the industry he is back with a brand new studio and game.

Boss Key Productions is the new studios name, whilst the new game is code named BlueStreak. BlueStreak will be a Free2Play Sci-Fi PC arena shooter that is being published by Nexon, who have also acquired a minority stake in the studio.

Details on the project are currently scarce but more will be revealed tomorrow evening when Cliff will be answering questions about the game.

Owen Mahoney, president and chief executive officer at Nexon had this to say.

“Cliff is one of the most innovative and renowned game designers of our time, and his reputation for creating genre-defining games that inspire a dedicated fan base is well-earned,”

“Players across the world have eagerly awaited Cliff’s next move, and we’re delighted to partner with Boss Key to bring the next generation of first-person shooters to market. Cliff shares our unwavering commitment to delivering players the absolute highest-quality game-play experience.”

Whilst Cliff himself shared this.

“Creating fun and memorable shooters is in my DNA, and making the move to free-to-play games is all about maximizing the potential audience for your title while embracing where the industry is headed,”

“No one knows the free-to-play market better than Nexon, which is why they were the obvious partner to publish BlueStreak. It’s a game and concept I think will really resonate with players who have been clamoring for a new take on an old favorite. After all, I’ve had a year and a half to plan it.”