cZeus Now Available On Android

by on September 8, 2014

If your math skills are somewhat lacking you should probably check out cZeus a math game available on iOS and now Android. The title is free to download and aims to improve the mathematical skills of all players, regardless of age of ability.

Dr Shohreh Blank, creator of cZeus had this to say about the game and its Android launch.

“We see today many adults with poor numeracy skills in the western world (worse than some developing countries) and it is no surprise to see our children are also relying on technology to complete basic sums. This is partly because of our cultural attitude towards maths, but mainly due to lack of practice. Using the cZeus App can change that. It builds confidence and improves numeracy, through a fun and engaging puzzle. We have added some exciting graphics and Greek mythology to further relax the player whilst learning. I would like to see this barrier towards maths come down – it’s cool to play with numbers and it’s just smart to be confident with your numeracy.”