Interstellar Marines Gets Updated with Co-op Content

by on September 30, 2014

Early access is something of a dirty word in some circles, but when used correctly (or when done right), it can be a superb way for excited early adopters to get access to a version of the game that is regularly updated – as it should be.

Interstellar Marines is one such game, it seems. Inspired by the likes of System Shock 2, Rainbox Six 3: Raven Shield, and Half-Life, it has now had thirteen updates since it launched in early access on July 2nd, 2013. And Zero Point Software aren’t afraid to make bold claims, either:

When complete, Interstellar Marines will resurrect the old school tactical FPS, and offer a unique blend of co-op, role-playing and nonlinear gameplay. Set in a believable future, you will take on the role as an elite soldier handpicked to join Project IM, a top secret military program being assembled to protect mankind from all dangers outside our solar system.

Today, the first “massive co-op” mission has been released. It ties directly into the storyline of the game and will help to “create the foundations for the upcoming single player and co-op campaigns”.

Creative director, Kim Haar Jørgensen:

We promised our players tactical cooperative gameplay, and this is our first step towards fully delivering on that promise. The team has been laser-focused on delivering an exceptional update that meets the highest expectations of the Interstellar Marines community. We’ve been pushing at Unity’s boundaries with the size and complexity of this mission. I don’t think we knew what Unity was capable of until we tested its limits and The NeuroGen Incident is the amazing result.

You can find out more on the Steam page.