New Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Details Revealed

by on September 8, 2014

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 may have only been officially announced last week, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t already learned more juicy details about the forthcoming sequel. A slew of new information has revealed the characters who will be involved, as well as some key gameplay information.

Courtesy of AllGamesBeta, the details come from the November issue of GamesMaster magazine in the UK. The article first states that the game will be released in early 2015 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game will take place on an abandoned island detention facility, between the events of Resident Evil 5 and 6. It will star Claire Redfield once again, who is now joined by the Daughter of Barry Burton, one Moira Burton. Whilst Claire is combat-orientated, Moira is more of a support and healing character

You won’t be fighting Zombies in this game, with the new enemies being known as the “Afflicted” – who are both fast and powerful. This may lead players to adopt a more stealth-centric approach, and conserve their ammo. The main campaign mode in the game will be playable both in solo mode and co-op this time around, and thanks to a lot of fan feedback, Revelations will continue to be more focused on Survival Horror gameplay than the recent main entries into the series have been.

The Producer on the title – Michiteru Okabe – said that:

“I want this to be both a game that doesn’t lose what made its predecessor great, while also bringing something new and exciting to the Resident Evil series… Achieving that lofty goal by bringing together past and future will make this an itchy-tasty prospect indeed.”

This sounds like music to the ears of long-time Resident Evil fans who have been feeling somewhat letdown by the recent action-focused Resident Evil 5 and 6.