Arsène Wenger Signs With Champ Man 15

by on October 8, 2014

Hey Arsenal fans, have you heard that Mesut Ozil is out for at least 10 weeks? Well now you have. Just thought I would drop it in there, you know to brighten your day. Anyway while the injury list is ever increasing you manager Arsène Wenger has signed a deal with Square to lend his face to Champ Man 15.

According to the press release Arsène will be “lending his face to the campaign to underline the authenticity of the Champ Man experience.” It appears that the deal is literally just to use his face in advertising for the game, and Arsène himself seems to have very little involvement. At least that means he might be able to focus on winning some silverware this season (Jokes! We all know Arsenal won’t win anything!)

I took a look at Champ Man 15 (without Arsène’s face plastered all over it) a few months back; you can see my review here.