Hugh Laurie joins Little Big Planet 3’s Mostly British Voice Cast

by on October 7, 2014

Hugh Laurie will record alongside Stephen Fry once more, playing the role of antagonist Newton in the PS3/PS4 title, Little Big Planet 3, as reported by MCV.

Other names revealed to be recording voice work for the game include Peter Serafinowicz (known by many as the thrifty Brian Butterfield), Simon Greenall (Known by many for shouting ‘Dan’ across a carpark) and, erm, Nolan North (known by many for being Nolan North).

Nolan North stands out for being an American voice appearing in what has, up until now, been a largely British franchise. A fact established in no small way by Stephen Fry’s work as the series’ recurring Narrator, a role he returns to for Little Big Planet 3.

“We were keen to attract the best possible voice talent we could for LittleBigPlanet 3 and who better could we ask for than Hugh Laurie?” Sumo Digital’s creative director Sean Millard told MCV. “Hugh brings both the kind of humour and sense of darkness we were going for; we knew he’d be perfect as Newton, plus it pairs him up once again with Stephen Fry.

Little Big Planet 3 has sort of been creepy up on us all, so hopefully it’s a pleasant surprise when it launches in November, eh?