The Old City: Leviathan Launches December 1st

by on October 27, 2014

The Old City: Leviathan has been described as Dear Esther meets Gone Home meets The Stanley Parable so many have high expectations for the title. Fortunately they wont have long to wait to try it out as the latest trailer, which you can see above, has revealed a release date for the game, December 1st.

Developer PostMod Softworks had this to say about their game.

“Our goal is to create a story that relies on your ability to explore, and in doing so we are exploring new topics in the gaming medium. Beyond this, we want to show that narrative and visuals alone can make a fantastic experience, and that they are not necessarily secondary to elements like gameplay”

“Games can be for whoever and about whatever, and our game is for people willing to discover and about how to exist with differing beliefs.”