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Bladestorm: Nightmare Gets New Release Date

by on January 8, 2015

Koei Tecmo has announced that Bladestorm: Nightmare will launch across Europe on March 20th for the PS4 and Xbox One. A digital only PS3 version will also launch on the same date.

Along with the new release date a slew of new screens were released. Handily you can see them below. The screens give us a first look at areas such as the character edit mode and the troop command battle system. They also show off the Nightmare mode, which the press release did a very good job of explaining.

“The new assets reveal some information about the new Nightmare mode, an all-new and original fantasy scenario involving battling and controlling armies of mythical creatures. In the opening sequence of this mode a group of Mercenaries in possession of a sword able to control monsters arrive in war-stricken Gascony only to find the combined forces of England and France under siege by an army of demonic forces. As the leader of the group, the player fights through this army to rescue the defenders and decides to investigate the origins of this new threat.”

Nightmare1 Nightmare2 Nightmare3 Nightmare4 NightmareBattle1 NightmareBattle2 NightmareBattle3 NightmareBattle4

Battle01 Battle02 Battle03 Battle04 Battle05 Battle06 Battle07 Battle08 Battle09

CharacterEdit1 CharacterEdit2 CharacterEdit3 CharacterEdit4Contract1 Contract2