Giveaway: 1000 Codes for Ratz Instagib (Steam)

by on January 21, 2015

We’ve teamed up with Rising Star Games, to offer one thousand of you the chance to get in on what looks like a really fun early access Steam game.

Designed to be a fast and furious take on the genre, Ratz Instagib is about as fun as arena-based FPS games get. Jump into a match today and see for yourself!

Inspired by the classic Instagib mode of Unreal Tournament fame, Ratz Instagib takes the concept of arena-based FPS gaming and renders it down to its core essentials: namely, blasting your friends into tiny pieces with high-powered weaponry. Players take control of a railgun-toting rat in household-themed arenas, with every shot being a potential kill – no more shooting opponents repeatedly to little effect or suffering cheap deaths at the hands of people with an unfair advantage. It’s every rat for themselves on an even playing field!

For more on the game, check out the official steam page, or the trailer, below.

So, grab your key, below!

[keys id=156740]

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