First Screenshots of Sunset Released

by on January 8, 2015

Sunset is a first person adventure game in which you play a housemaid, and experience the story of a revolution during your hour long visits to your employers apartment.

The screenshots show the game’s gorgeous visual style, with everything bathed in the orange glow of sunset.

uriea Harvey, one half of Tale of Tales elaborates, “These shots are still work in progress and even though they do not represent the final beauty of the game, they say a lot about what is going to make the penthouse a spectacular environment to explore.

Rather than try to make a photo-real environment we’ve stuck to our artistic strengths. All Tale of Tales games have a really subtle stylisation that may not look real but once you are in these environments, they feel real. To pull off this effect in Sunset we’ve pushed the colour scheme to its saturation point with the tones of the evening sky, chic lighting from designer lamps and dramatic shadows.”


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