Sparta War of Empires: Spartans against Persians

by on January 16, 2015

If you are now looking for one of the most popular browser war strategy games, you should definitely take into consideration Sparta War of Empires developed by Plarium. If you want to play online for free, you should not hesitate and start playing one of the most amazing strategy games at plarium.com. The browser game specialist Plarium once again proved his sense of quality titles.

The legendary story of King Leonidas 300 fighters who oppose the Persian armies to defend their cities has become a very popular war strategy game among the worldwide community of players.

The user must be in Sparta and fight the Persian warlord Xerxes. In Sparta you can train new soldiers, build a temple for the oracle or ships produce. If you have an entire fleet together, it is even possible to travel around the Mediterranean. But even on dry land, there is much to do. If you want to conquer the Kingdom must build alliances and alliances, forge weapons and train its troops. The graphics of the games are so real, that user will really feel he felt in ancient Greece hundreds years ago.

The story of King Leonidas and his 300 warriors was so popular that a few months ago, a sequel to Zack Snyder film was released in theaters.
If you like to play browser games at Plarium you should definitely try Sparta War of Empires. The game is also compatible with the social media site Facebook. If you already have an account there, simply start playing and invite your friends.