Swinging Stupendo heading to mobile

by on January 14, 2015

Bite Size Games have announced that they’re bringing an endless ‘grapple and swing’ title to iOS and Android with Swinging Stupendo.

In Bite Size’s own words, ‘The star of the show, Stupendo, is a natural born acrobat, daredevil, and entertainer. He lives for the thrills and inevitable spills of performing absurdly dangerous and (literally) electrifying stunts in a bid to win the applause and adoration of his stupefied spectators.

Just tap to start the show and help swing Stupendo to new heights and a new high score! Defy the laws of physics, gracefully spin and sail over electrified obstacles, but don’t get zapped or Stupendo’s performance will come to a shocking (albeit amusing) end!’

The game obviously takes inspiration from other endless titles like Jetpack Joyride, but the swinging mechanic adds new concerns to this well trodden design.