Izle Launches on Kickstarter

by on April 7, 2015

Area Effect has released a trailer for procedurally generated action-RPG Izle to promote its Kickstarter campaign.

In development for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC and even Wii U, Izle gives you the power of the gods, with the landscape terraforming depending on your decisions, with each area procedurally generated on the fly. You must use your powers to rebuild the world your island of Light, and fight off the Shadow Invasion.

The Kickstarter promises:

  • Procedurally Generated World  Izle is a procedural 3D action-adventure RPG where you build your own world. By summoning the power the gods, you will create whole islands that are entirely procedurally generated and open to endless exploration.
  • Unprecedented Consequences – Entire kingdoms and islands will be created or shattered based on your gameplay decisions. The landscape of Izle will reflect your actions in an unprecedented way. All powered by our awesome smooth voxel technology.
  • The Freedom of Terraforming – Acquire powers and use them to create procedurally-generated islands filled with rolling hills, daunting castles, treacherous volcanoes, underground ice caves, sprawling dungeons, and many other environments. Each one with its own quests and challenges.
  • A Destructible World – Every blade of grass, every tree, every hill and mountain can be destroyed. The Shadows are invading Izle and they will flood it with their forces and order them to destroy it. Life is fragile, and can be swept away. Entire islands will be shattered if it’s not defended.
  • The Excitement of Exploration – Players will have a vast, unique world to uncover, but they will also have many exciting ways to go about exploring it. Players can dig, climb, swing, swim, fly and more to travel through their world to discover all the wonder and mysteries that await.
  • Strategic World Map – Make critical strategic decisions when building your world: create your next island toward an epic weapon bonus to acquire a new offensive ability, or toward a healing camp to make sure you can rest between your quests, and choose your bonus based on your terraforming element.
  • The Choice Is Yours – Gather Shards of Light and choose between defending your world or crafting powerful artifacts. Izle is about the infinite freedom of creating your own world, and the great responsibility of protecting it.
  • Make Your Own Build – Find hidden items within your world, acquire new skills and create your own unique character build that fits your own play style.

It’s certainly early days at the moment, but Izle is looking very promising. Some of the Kickstarter tiers will grant you access to Aplha builds of the game, with Area Effect aiming for a full release in  2016.

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