Sponsored: From the console to the stands: tips for putting your football gaming to use this season


Those that enjoy playing football video games will find out that they know a lot more about the sport than they might think. Modern games teach tactics, manoeuvres, and other critical thinking skills that impact how a person looks at their favourite sport. Here are some ways to take the knowledge you have gained from the console and apply it to the real football season.

Analyse the past

Console games allow fans to replay the action of past games and make different choices for different outcomes. This can make it a lot easier to determine team patterns and leads to smarter football betting. Some betting services are offering amazing bet matches and incentives to get your first bet of the season in.

Consoles encourage loyalty

It is no coincidence that many video game enthusiasts play as their favourite team. Those that really want to get into the different tactics will also play as the other side at times for a different perspective. Fans and gamers feel more connected to their teams when they have a chance to play as them. When it comes to betting, this loyalty can sometimes get in the way of the facts that are staring a fan right in the face. Smart betting can sometimes mean overcoming loyalties and seeing the bottom line.

Simulations for the rest of us

While most of us don’t have access to fancy sports simulators used by the pros, consoles provide the best alternative. They encourage critical thinking about a team’s strong points and faults. The one disadvantage of consoles is that team rosters are not always up to date, and they cannot account for all possibilities such as injuries or even the weather. Some games are sophisticated enough that clubs use them as a simulation. Fans just have to be careful and pick out the most advanced games for the best results.

Encourages fan collaboration and interaction

Listening to what other fans think can help guide decisions as to how the season will unfold. Console games allow fans to play together in real time. Fans can also chat and discuss the latest news for their favourite teams and players.

Football Manager simulation leads to analysis platform

The popular Football Manager console game has led to developer Sports Interactive signing a contract with Prozone to develop software that uses aspects of the game to analyse player stats and let potential recruiters and team managers have fast and easy access to player information so that they can make the most informed decisions about who to scout out for a potential contract or even who to trade. Prozone RECRUITER will usher in a whole new way for managers all over the world to analyse player data before making even a single phone call. The use of other simulations will also help them predict the long-term results of decisions. This could save a lot of time and frustration for players and managers alike.