Sponsored: Should you tell your friends on Facebook that you won on slots?


Your friends on Facebook know that you just had a banana (they saw you eat it in style in your car), they know what sandals you put on this morning, and they saw how cute your little nephew looked when he spilled jam all over your mother in law’s couch. But do they know that you just won several thousand dollars on slots? The answer is: probably not. There are certain things most people think should be shared on social media and we are happy to twitter away about pretty much anything, but when it comes to gambling we might not feel so relaxed about sharing our victories. Casinos certainly want to be seen online; gaming sites like Karamba are present on Facebook and encourage their members to connect through social media. However, individual winners usually prefer to be discreet … and with good reason.

What if they want your money?

While you may feel fine about joining the casino on social media and giving it a thumbs up (as you certainly should after cashing in a lot of money on their slots!), you might feel a natural reluctance about letting others know when you are lucky enough to win big. A joint British and Australian study found some interesting tendencies which are shared by most people who win on the lotteries. Lottery winners become politically more conservative. The study also showed that these winners tend to become less concerned about their fellow human beings who don’t have as much money. It seems that when you win even a small sum of money your natural instinct makes you less egalitarian. For that reason you don’t jump to let others know, in case they will ask you to share. If you win millions you know that you need to keep quiet about it since it’s well known that publicly announcing a large gambling win will lead to being chased down by people looking for donations or even worse, by people looking to scam their way to some of that money.

Share or not…

So, the question remains: should you share your luck with your friends on Facebook or not? After all, these are your family members and people that you feel confident enough to share your every meal with. However, the obvious answer to the question is no! Even if you are differently wired and against all odds feel that you are ready and willing to share your winnings with anyone who asks for a donation you could cause some serious jealousy by posting a screenshot of your winning combination.

Brag discreetly

The truth remains that just as it is human nature to wish to keep an exciting windfall for ourselves, so too it is natural for us to be inclined to show off our accomplishments. So how can you brag about your winnings in a discreet way? This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but there is a very simple solution. In fact, it is one that makes sense for all your adventures in online casinos. Adopt a nickname to use when your play the slots and other games of chance. Choose a “nick” that is distinctive and personal, yet at the same time does not reveal your identity. (For example, using the name of your pet cat or dog might give you away.) Instead, select an alias that is exciting and optimistic sounding, like “Lucky Lady” or “Sultan of Slots.” That way, you can feel free to let the casino announce your winnings, without fear that the wrong people will get to know of them.

An alternate way of sharing

Now what about your Facebook friends? You share so much with them every day. How to deal with the news of your good fortune? Once again, friendly discretion is the best policy here. Just invite your Facebook friends to come and play with you at your favorite casino — no need to go in detail about why you like it so much — and wish them luck. Hopefully they will have the same good taste and keep it to themselves when they win more money than you could ever have dreamed of, that would make you jealous despite your own cash-ins.

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