Sponsored: Fed Up Of A Daily Mail Headline? Don’t Blame It On The Youths

by on August 14, 2015

We all know if it was down to The Daily Mail, it would be only the Daily Mail office occupying this country, and maybe a few readers too. The youths are terrorising streets, our jobs are being stolen, and benefits should be banned from anyone and everyone.

Let’s face it; it’s a little bit tiring. We’re continually fed shocking headlines to click on and gasp in horror because everything we read in the paper is always true.

Ladbrokes Bingo have come up with a novel way of mocking the newspaper by producing the Lingo Bingo generator, a feature which produces random headlines in the style of the British newspaper.

It also tells us how experts have dispelled the myths about apples – eating a seed actually won’t make you grow a tree in your brain. And lets us in on the secret that binge drinking is damaging the internet.

However, it isn’t just The Daily Mail Lingo Bingo mocks, with Reddit, Buzzfeed, and Facebook all coming under the cosh alongside Hollywood movies, which are releasing boring sequel after boring sequel.


Lingo Bingo has dozens of pre-made headlines, alongside users able to make their own and post on social media. It’s a great outlet for those who have seen too many ‘full time mummy’ statuses, heard enough about the Kardashians, or have been voted down on Reddit too many times and want to vent a little frustration in a fun and jokey way.

It’s about time someone mocked the likes of The Daily Mail and Buzzfeed, who are regularly telling us three reasons we should find something or awesome, or prying into Taylor Swift’s ever-changing love life.

We tip the cap Lingo Bingo.

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