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Sponsored: Playing online games on your Iphone with the 3D touch feature

by on September 23, 2015

Many people already know that Apple computers and Apple Incorporated makes some of the best pieces of technology on the market. After all, they are the inventors of the Apple Computer, the ever famous iPhone and they have encouraged people to find a new way to listen to music, watch movies and television and read books with their iPod.

Apple computers Incorporated have done so much for us, and now they have done something else to help enhance our lives and especially the lives of those who enjoy playing online casino games on sites like online Royal Vegas Casino, which is one of the best online casinos in the world.


What Apple has done is they have created a new feature on all of their touchable screened devices. Touchable screened devices includes devices like the iPhone, Apple iTouch and the iPad. The new technology that they have created is called Apple 3-D touch, and it enables you to be able to manipulate different things on your touchscreen using different formulations of finger movements.

Playing games with Apple 3-D touch

One of the things that we are most excited about when it comes to Apple 3-D touch is the ability to play online casino games because you know that we love that! Now, playing these games is more exciting and fun than ever because you can do so many different things with these touching capacities. Playing online games at Royal Vegas online casino is so much fun with Apple 3-D touch. We absolutely love it, and more and more people are getting on board as well.

Apple 3D touch

All about Apple 3-D touch

If you have never heard of this new technology before now, keep in mind that you are not alone. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the new changes that Apple and other technology companies are doing all the time if you do not have a job that is directly related to computers, phones or technology already.

What makes this technology so nice is the fact that you can change how you touch your touchscreen with your fingertips and this will create different directions on your screen. For example, you can even start drawing or painting with Apple 3-D touch, and the touch screen with Apple 3-D touch will actually pick up how hard you were pressing on the screen with your finger or Apple pencil. This has never been created or used before now with technology like this, so you can see it is very exciting. If you’re interested in using this new technology, Royal Vegas has it available with the games. You just need to purchase a newer model of an Apple touch product.