The Great 2016 YouTube Preview – What’s Coming?

by on November 27, 2015

Well, how are things? Good. Great. Do you have all our shopping done for Christmas? It’s getting close, now. Anyway…

We have a couple of things planned for 2016 when it comes to videos that we hope you’ll enjoy. We’re bringing back a few series’ and debuting a few more. The plan is to have a video every single weekday, with the possibility of having one on a Saturday, too. That’s on top of the sporadic gameplay chit-chats and all that, too. Exciting times.

So, today is a bit of a preview, really. Among the things we’re bringing back is Debatable, which will appear fortnightly on his here website and on YouTube.

For Your Amusement, even though it might drive me insane, is also going to be showing up.

A revised Score Attack is on the horizon.

And a brand new series called Blindfold Gaming is also on its way, as well.

We have a few more ideas that we’re ironing out the kinks on, but rest assured, come January of next year, you’ll see an awful lot from myself, Adam, Lee and others on God is a Geek’s YouTube channel.