5 of the Latest Online Gambling Apps Released

by on December 16, 2015

Mobile applications are not just the future of correspondence – they’re the present as well. You don’t have to see the numbers to get an idea of how vital tablets and cell phones have become to our daily lives. But, to cover all points, here are a couple of statistics for you to ponder:

** There are as many cell phone subscriptions aa there are people in the word: 7 billion

** More people have access to the internet via a mobile device than they do with a computer

** Mobiles users invest 89% of their energy using media apps and just 11% of their time on actual sites.

To capitalize on these numbers, most online casinos have some type of mobile site or app to accommodate players using tablets or cellphones. And all major internet betting rooms will most likely have fabulous mobile apps in the next couple of years.

Still, we’re not there yet, and numerous web gaming sites have mobiles apps that are okay at best and terrible at worst. Plus, there are some who work on Android but not on iOS and vice versa.

In case you’re one of the millions who are interested in betting on their cell phones, it’s imperative to know which internet casinos offer the most advantages. To help you make your decision here are 5 of the latest gambling apps that are sure to make you fall in love with online gambling.

** BGO Casino

For a long time, BGO Casino depended on the fact that their HTML5 site was mobile responsive on all devices. Things have changed, now you can find the best (free) here.

This industry leading online casino recently released an app for both Android and iOS devices. In addition, BGO offers gamers almost 100 games, with their primary focus being on live dealer games and classic tables games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. You can also play dozens of slots like The Dark Rises, and different poker variations, like Deuces Wild, as well.

** PaddyPower Casino

To be honest, it took some time for PaddyPower, Ireland’s largest name in gaming, to start thinking seriously about releasing a high-performing application that could work with both iOS and Android devices. Be that as it may, they’ve finally gotten their ducks in a row and surprisingly the wait was entirely justified, as long as your phone is fairly modern. As of right now, the PaddyPower app doesn’t have the capabilities to work on the older phones. It’s also important to note that downloading this app gives gamers access to a significant number of traditional slots games as well as table games like roulette and blackjack.

** 888Casino:

Simply put, the 888casino mobile application will blow your mind. It was produced on the NetEnt platform, with a focus on creating a high-quality app, as opposed to one which could carry a lot of games but deliver a less than ideal user experience.

As was intended, there are fewer games on this app than you can find on the 888Casino site, however, they all run great and look incredible. Mobile gamers can expect to play thrilling games of roulette and as well as more mainstream slots like Starburst and Jack Hammer.

But, probably the most significant detail is the colossal number of gadgets supported by the 888 casino’s mobile application – over 120 of them to be exact. This includes both current Android and iOS devices and older phones like Nokia and Motorola as well.

** William Hill

William Hill is a top of the line online casino so it comes as no surprise that their mobile app is of the same quality. This flash app has superior functionality, terrific graphics, and was designed to work with all of the software providers that the actual site uses. This versatility ensures that there’s a ton of gaming options for bettors to choose from. This app was also made with excellent navigation elements, which makes it remarkably easy to move between the different sections (like bingo, sports betting, or casino games) of the app.

Pretty much all mobile devices, no matter the OS, work well with this app. But, you must you must have either Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome installed on your gadget. Also, if you have an Apple device, you must have the latest version of the Apple iOS.

** Unibet Casino

The Unibet mobile app is easy to navigate and offers a safe and secure way to play your favorite games on one of the most established and biggest online casinos in the world. As a result, this app offers a larger selection of games than virtually any other casino app. They offer nearly 100 video slots, ten classic table games, sports betting, live casino action, bingo, and other paid ones here.

The Unibet app is supported by both iOS and Android devices as well as a large number of other tablets and older cell phones. In addition, it has been certified as reliable and safe by eCOGRA.