GLHF LAN parties return to London

by on February 1, 2016

In the early naughties, long before GodisaGeek was an idea in the back of my head and Counter-Strike 1.5 was still all the rage, some friends and I used to host regular LAN events in London to give our community a chance to play lag-free.

Well, now GLHF LAN events are back and we’re turning them into a regular fixture. Starting February half-term, we’re hosting weekend-long gaming events in Hampstead town, West London. This first event is for under 18s, but we’ll have different age-rated events throughout the year, so everyone gets an opportunity to play.

Head over to events.godisageek.com for more info and to purchase tickets, while you can. Early bird prices start at £10, once they’re gone regular tickets will be £15 for the entire weekend.



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