Sponsored: Total Domination MMORTS: strategy game passion

by on April 13, 2016

Taking place in a futuristic wasteland tortured by nuclear war, this is the background setting of Total Domination MMO Game which sounds very much like the trailer of a blockbuster full of action movie. The graphics and the setting are very intriguing and quite fun for those of us who are into the strategy games passion. Total Domination charges players with building their resources to battle other combatants with the aim to have “total domination”, which is really cool. I mean at least in virtual reality you can dominate on something completely, the idea in itself can be quite exciting and challenging our brains to find ways to achieve this.

Much like in other Plarium titles, the game starts you off with a finite number of resources. However, you can skip the tutorial with Chrystals if you already know how these games work.

The future is something money movies are battling their views on, just think of Armageddon and the likes, after total destructions, having a game featured within a nuclear wasteland is not an impossible feat, so yes the game features a dark and gritty atmosphere that, frankly, is for those who like the genre, the atmosphere is not like in Sparta: War of Empires or Nords: Heros of the North the first has an historical fantasy background and the other is from the realm of fairy tales. But, Total Domination has what it takes to be equally as addicting. Abetted with a, somewhat, intelligent control system, Total Domination is concrete achievement based experience. Though I do indeed prefer other Plarium titles, this is equally good in its own right.

So if you like the MMO games genre, this one is free and can be played with no download, just directly on the browser.  Plarium invites you to play in the universe they have created, they are, essentially, asking you to invest your free time into their virtual reality.

However, that’s probably the most perplexing things about a browser-based MMORTS, There’s so many of them that you want to make sure you are spending your time in the right one.  Total Domination, a browser-based MMORTS by developer Plarium Games is surely worth the time.


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