Pokémon Sun and Moon details and legendaries revealed

by on June 2, 2016

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have revealed the legendary Pokémon appearing in Sun and Moon along with details on the new region and characters.

The new versions will take place in the tropical Alola region, which consists of 5 separate islands and houses many brand new monsters to catch. After arriving here for the first time the player can customise their character’s name and appearance before meeting some of the regions inhabitants. Professor Kukui, the local professor with a unique sense of style, Lillie, the professor’s assistant who prefers reading books to battling and Hau, a Pokémon lover with a big appetite.

The new legendaries were also revealed as Solgaleo, a Sunne Pokémon, and Lunala, the Moone Pokemon.

Solgaleo, who appears on the Sun version box, is referred to as “the beast that devours the sun” and has long been an honoured emissary of the star. The psychic/steel type comes with a signature move; Sunsteel strike, a charge attack with the force of a meteor, and the new Full Metal Body ability that prevents the Pokémon’s stats being lowered.

Meanwhile Lunala, a Psychic/Ghost type from the Moon version art, is the moon’s emissary known as “the beast that calls the moon.”  As with Solgaleo, Lunala is equipped with a new signature move; an ominous beam of light called Moongeist Beam, and a new ability; Shadow Shield, meaning that the Pokémon takes less damage from enemiy attacks when it’s HP is full.

Also new to Pokémon Sun and Moon will be the “Rotom Pokedex,” a pokedex inhabited by a Rotom which can give the player advice as well as record monster info, and a QR scanner function that allows Pokémon to be registered from QR codes if the player has yet to catch that monster themselves.