RockJaw Clarito Headphones Review

by on June 21, 2016

Very recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing Rockjaw’s Alfa Genus v2 earphones, of which I was more than impressed with, thanks to their build quality, excellent sound output, and the variety of physical configurations possible to improve comfort and sound preferences. But, as great as these earbuds are, not everyone wants to spend £45+ upwards for headphones.

Enter Clarito: an entry level pair of headphones that promise “crisp and clear audio”. Can a £23.95 pair of headphones really make a difference?

Well…yes, they can.

The Clarito’s packaging is ultimately the same as the Alfa Genus v2’s, and in that box you’ll get your Clarito headphones, a fabric storage bag and several different types of silicon tip to cater all ear sizes. On closer inspection, the Clarito is a very no-frills set of buds, with no microphone or remote controls, so unfortunately it is not possible to make phonecalls with them; which is a little disappointing and odd, considering the sales blurb suggests the Clarito is great for making calls to your friends.

RockJaw Clarito Headphones Review

Still, the rest of RockJaw’s bold claims ring true from the moment you plug them into your ears, and start to listen to things. Podcasts sound bright and clear, with the sort of natural sound you’d expect from bigger headphones, while no matter what genre of music you are into, it’ll sound pretty damn good through the Clarito. Listening to a track like Low Roar’s “I’ll Keep Coming” (from the reveal trailer of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding), you can hear the distortion of the electronically treated drums, and the pizzicato pluck of each mandolin string. Meanwhile, on the other side of the audio spectrum, listening to the industrial-metal extravaganza that is Mick Gordon’s DOOM soundtrack shows that the Clarito can more than handle a little bit of bass, without being overpowered.

These headphones are also a little more lightweight than the Alfa Genus v2, but are built just as well and look just as nice, with a lovely gunmetal grey finish, with grey and red silicon tips. A nice, chunky cable reassures you that this is a pair of headphones that’ll last, as well.

If you can spare an extra £20, I’d probably recommend the Alfa Genus v2 – But the Clarito is still an amazing pair of in-ear headphones that offer incredibly quality and value when compared to other similarly-priced headphones. Despite the lack of microphone and remote for smartphone users, this is a set of no-frills ‘phones that you will not be disappointed with. This is another great pair of headphones from Rockjaw, only beaten by it’s pricier cousins.