Sponsored: The Top Entertainment Sites in the UK


Most of us have some times when we just want to browse the internet to find some entertainment or something to play to pass the time. There are, of course, millions of sites to do this on, from the big social networks like Facebook and Twitter and mass video sharing sites like YouTube through to blogs on every conceivable topic and of course, online games. While the internet does mean we can see news and entertainment from anywhere in the world, however, sometimes it feels more comfortable to spend time on UK sites where we don’t have to worry about things like currency or location restrictions and can enjoy entertainment where we can ‘get’ all of the cultural references.


If you are looking for some good entertainment sites based in the UK and made for a UK audience, here are some of the most popular and fun:

  1. BBC iPlayer

The BBC site in general is a pretty good source of news and entertainment, and even has local sections that cover news in your area. From a purely entertainment point of view though, the best thing the BBC offers on the web is its TV on demand feature – BBC iPlayer. Here you can not only catch up on recent episodes of your favourite shows like Eastenders or Doctor Who, but also see other video content available only on the web. It is free when you are watching in the UK, so if you want to watch some top quality television on the internet and don’t want to pay for subscription services like Netflix or Amazon, it is a great destination. Of course, also worth a mention is the equivalent service from Channel 4 – 4OD, which gives you similar content from Channel 4’s stable of programming.

  1. Sun Bingo

The Sun newspaper also has a website which can be a good source of celebrity gossip and sports news to help you find some entertainment, but what fewer people are aware of is that The Sun also has its own online bingo site where you can play, make friends, and win prizes. The Sun Bingo site can be a fun place to spend some time if you like the idea of online gaming where you can stand a chance to win money but want something easier to get to grips with than online poker. The casual, fun format and the fact you can chat with other players and make new connections makes it a very entertaining site to visit.

  1. Buzzfeed UK

If you’ve ever seen the funny, highly sharable list posts from Buzzfeed pop up in your Facebook timeline, you may be surprised to know the site has a whole area devoted to funny UK content. This is great if you like reading lists like ‘Things Kids Remember’ but don’t actually remember the same stuff American readers do! Browsing through you’ll find articles, lists, graphs and all kinds of interesting stuff that you can read, comment on, share and enjoy, and all of it is completely relatable if you are from the UK!

  1. Newsthump

If you are a fan of the ‘fake news’ style of satire found on US sites like The Onion, then you’ll be pleased to know there are some equivalent sites that only focus on UK news, public figures and culture. Newsthump is one such site, and contains short satirical articles about UK sport, politics, celebrities and social matters, and sometimes the comments on the pieces are even funnier than the articles themselves! Another site to check in the same vein is The Daily Mash, which also features UK-centric news satire.

  1. Huffington Post UK

If you prefer real news to satire, then you’ll be pleased to know that Huffington Post – one of the biggest names in online news and editorial articles industry – has a UK edition too. Here you can find all the celebrity and entertainment gossip you want, as well as more serious news and opinion. When you just want a site you can pick through to find articles about things you are interested in, Huffington Post is a good choice with a combination of its own staff journalists and posts from leading bloggers from all over the web.

When you are looking online for some entertainment that feels like it was made for UK audiences, these sites all have plenty to offer. Whether you want video, news, jokes, interactive fun or just something interesting to make you think, these great UK entertainment sites are certain to help keep you amused.