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by on January 27, 2017

One of the most popular casino games of all time, Blackjack is offered at nearly every casino on Earth, including those found online. And not only can you find it anywhere, but you can also find loads of Blackjack resources, from online live games reviews like the ones at blackjacklivedealer.com, to e-books about advanced card counting techniques.

If you too have been attracted by this classic casino game, keep reading for a short crash course on one of the most advantageous and hottest card games around.

Game Rules and Objectives

The main objective in a Blackjack game is to beat the dealer by getting a hand with a higher value that the dealer’s, or 21 (Blackjack). In practice, this sounds simple, but in reality is a bit more complicated.

The first thing to note here is that aces can be counted as 1 or 11, while all face cards (queens, jacks, etc.) are counted as 10. Thus, getting a Queen + an Ace is a Blackjack (21). Another thing to remember is that you shouldn’t go over 21, or you’ll “bust”, i.e. lose the hand. This applies to the dealer also.

What are Blackjack Strategies?

Blackjack strategies are rulebooks on how to play out each hand based on complex mathematical calculations. Strategies are learnt by heart and should be always followed, no matter what. They also depend on the rules of each variation. So, if you’re playing a 6 deck Blackjack where the dealer hits on soft 17, you use a strategy that applies to those exact rules, and so on.

Speaking the Lingo

If you’re to play Blackjack like a pro, you need to master basic terminology:

  • Hit – When you want to be “hit”, you are asking for another card from the dealer.

  • Stand – When you “stand” you are accepting the cards you currently have and playing those cards against the dealer.

  • Split – When you “split”, you are splitting the two cards you have into two separate hands that you can bet on separately. Each hand will be dealt a new card individually.

  • Double down – When you double down, you are doubling your bet on the cards you currently hold and accepting to receive only one more card. Thus, if it’s a good hand, you can double your money. If not, you’ll lose more.

Types of Blackjack

Not only are there many great variations of classic Blackjack games, but there will probably be more new online casino games produced in the future. The following are only some of the popular online Blackjack varieties:

  • Classic Blackjack – 6 Deck Blackjack with standard rules.

  • Multi-hand Blackjack – A popular variation where you can play from 2 to 5 hands at the same time.

  • Blackjack Switch – A variety that lets you play two hands at a time and switch cards between both hands.

  • Progressive Blackjack – Blackjack with a progressive jackpot;

  • Live Blackjack – Blackjack variations dealt by live dealers and streamed from a real casino or studio.