Sponsored: How to understand kids loving YouTube gaming

by on January 27, 2017

Video game industry is huge and grows at an exponential rate. In U.S. four of five households have some device to play video games. It’s no wonder this hobby that is so deeply ingrained in our reality attracts so much attention of sociologists, psychologists, economists and ordinary parents worrying about their children who play games day and night in front of screens. But while scientists have been actively studying video games playing and its influence on people’s body and mind, and while parents have been learning to somehow contain their children’s passion to play, another activity has overcome gamers. That is YouTube gaming. It is skyrocketing and has a numerous army of buffs among which, of course, there are kids.

YouTube gaming is actually not gaming, but watching other gamers playing. It sounds a bit confusing, especially for those parents who have just an inkling of gaming (if such do exist). Nevertheless, children’s faces seem to be glued to the monitors when they watch YouTube channels of gamers who easily overcome all obstacles and at last win. And before parents sound the alarm, a good idea will be to understand why kids like this kind of gaming, in other words, to try walking in their shoes. Here are the reasons why.

  1. Personality of YouTuber

The person who makes video and plays games is often the magnet that draws a bunch of kids to his/her channel. The secret is his charisma and personality. Such YouTuber tells funny things, does interesting things in games and is glad to get any feedback from the subscribers. A kid starts treating YouTuber like as the best friend. By the way, adults tend to fall under YouTuber’s spell too. But for them YouTuber is like the well-known website NederlandseGokken for online casino giving the best rankings and introducing to the world of online gambling.

  1. Being a part of a peer group

Having a common theme in talks and sharing the same interest are the basis for communication. And game watched together is that theme to discuss with peers. They share a game with each other, watch it and then tell what they think about that and whether the liked it or not. YouTube gaming gives rise to creating some kind of social circle of kids loving video games.

  1. Skills and expertise

If a kid managed to finish the game that is definitely something to be proud of for them. And on the contrary, kids feel disappointed if they can’t go through a difficult section and even may undermine their confidence. YouTuber comes to the rescue and shares his/her expertise with desperate young gamers who want to upgrade their skills and finish a game by themselves.

  1. Lack of money

If parents don’t allow to buy too many games and kids want some particular game, then kids resort to YouTube gaming to watch it. It creates an illusion of playing it and at the same way helps them to see whether that game is really so cool or not.

So, it is up to parents how to treat YouTube gaming and whether to consider it harmful or useful. To my mind, moderation in anything is for the greater good.