Biro drawing blasts onto PS4 with Drawn to Death on April 4th

by on February 6, 2017

David Jaffe’s hero game about biro doodles mercilessly killing each other hits PS4s on April 4th.

Jaffe (whose previous credits include God of War and Twisted Metal) showcased the game for the first time at the PlayStation Experience in December 2014 and features a teenager’s biro drawings coming to life and blasting seven shades out of each other.

According to Jaffe the game modes will only support four players at a time, but this is a deliberate design decision to allow players to get used to each other, rather than an information overload of several players at once. You can check out the video above for more, or visit the PS Blog.

The US blog states the cost will be $19.99, so expect UK and European prices to match that number.