Sponsored: The Impact of Social Gaming

by on February 20, 2017

Gaming has evolved so much over the past decade that it is no longer a solo pastime thanks to the advent of Social Gaming. Whether you’re talking about the high rolling online casinos or the modern generation of games consoles; Social Gaming is connecting people around the world in pursuit of ultimate gaming enjoyment.

Video game designers are actively working to make their offerings as social as possible these days. First Person Shooters, sports simulators and massively multiplayer online role playing games are just a selection of the genres embracing the social aspect of gaming and the same can be said of the online gambling market.

Online Bingo and Casinos are seeing progressively more and more people enjoying the social aspect of the games. Live dealers for table games and the gigantic Online Bingo community make use of the chat and Gamecare free bet on a daily basis in many instances – but how did this all start?

Prior to the mass accessibility of high speed internet; gaming was only a multiplayer experience courtesy of additional controller inputs but the sheer speed of the internet these days sees even the highest resolution games connected to the world via the internet.

Equally, Social Media has impacted social gaming by a monumental amount. Years ago we had numerous requests in our notifications from Farmville etc and it was these social input games that were developed into many of the massively multiplayer mobile apps we use so frequently. Virtually any concept can be developed into a multiplayer game and it seems as though just about every concept is being developed!

Naturally, any shift in technology is motivated by money and the massively social games are, generally speaking, littered with advertising, microtransactions and downloadable content. With massive audiences digesting the content on offer; the advertising opportunities are financially lucrative along with the potential for microtransactions.

Small in-game purchases for additional equipment or to further the game at an improved speed are the ultimate clickbait for gamers and make up for an enormous portion of the industry’s yearly revenue.

What next you might be asking? Well, with streaming and Virtual Reality set to become a major part of gaming in 2017; totally immersive games streamed via the likes of Twitch and eSports will no doubt be the next big step in social gaming.