Half Life 3 announced! – Well, chapter 3 of the comic at least

by on July 6, 2017

As you wait in vain for Valve to announce Half Life 3 you can look forward to the third chapter of the ‘A Place in the West’ comic instead.

The comic has been in production since 2014 and saw the first issue released in September last year on Steam. Since then it’s amassed a considerable following and as such work continues, hence the announcement of Chapter three.

Chapter three is titled ‘The Pit’ and follows protagonists Leyla Poirier and Albert Kempinski as they negotiate the world run by the totalitarian Combine and explore the city of New Franklin looking for answers that will aid them in their predicament.

I haven’t read it myself as I’m not a huge Half Life fan, but I am seriously considering getting into this now. The Pit is out on July 21st on Steam, and if previous chapters are anything to go by will be priced at £1.59.