Splasher asks you to pull of the ink-redible

by on September 15, 2017

Playdius and Splashteam are bringing Splasher to PS4 and Xbox One in September, asking players to spray and pray.

No, not quite like that. You see, the titular Splasher of the title is armed with a gun that fires different types of ink, when these inks are applied to a surface they give that surface new properties, like being extra bouncy, or being able to climb it. The game tasks you with combining these different ink types to get through it’s levels to rescue your fellow splasher and defeat Le Docteur (he’s evil, couldn’t you tell by the French name?).

There’ll be twenty-two levels to splat your way through, plus time attack and speed run modes in case you feel like the game doesn’t move fast enough for you.

The game is out on September 26.

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