Is it Conceivable that Players Could Soon be Running around in Games?

by on October 29, 2017

These are exciting times for the gaming industry. There are more devices and platforms available than ever, and the variety of games on offer is astounding. The speed at which games are progressing is even more incredible. Take Nintendo as an example. It is only 30 years since the release of their iconic Nintendo Entertainment System, which featured simple side-scrolling games like Super Mario Bros. Now the Japanese games company’s latest release is the Nintendo Switch, which can be played at home or on the move, can access the internet, and has in-depth open-world epic games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  

The advances that have been made since 1987 are amazing, and they’re only going to get better. With games coming such a long way in such a short space of time, it’s exciting and almost scary to think what gamers could be doing in another 30 years. It certainly wouldn’t be out of the question to suggest that players will soon be physically walking around in game worlds.

Virtual reality is the platform which is drawing the attention of a wide range of developers from different gaming sectors. PlayStation VR is already doing well, with over one million headsets sold by June this year. More games, such as Star Wars Battlefront II, are beginning to include VR elements, while offerings such as Batman: Arkham VR solely use the new hardware. Despite the fact that VR is becoming more prevalent on the console, it is still more of a novelty than something which is taking the PlayStation world by storm.

But the VR market is predicted to reach a value of 15.9 billion by 2020, meaning that it is expected to boom in other areas. One of these could be in online casino games, as the adaptable and flourishing sector has continuously helped push the growth of new devices. The last successful partnership was between mobile and online casinos, as the gambling sites have helped to massively increase sales of the handheld devices. The fact that sites are always trying to create more immersive experiences also means that VR is the next logical step. Sites like MrGreen now offer live casino links to roulette tables in real casinos. This gives players the feeling that they are actually there playing, but VR would take this one step further.

The online casino software giants Microgaming have already come up with a game called VR Roulette, which enables players to actually stand at and play a virtual roulette game. The game has been met with an excellent reception, and could pave the way for virtual casinos in the future. If the prosperous online casino market gets behind products like this, there is no limit to the potential.

With VR in its early stages, the future of gaming is almost relying on the new platform being successful. But if the projections are right, it could take games to another level that has never been touched upon before. If that is the case, then in ten or twenty years’ time players may be able to put on VR suits and physically run around in game worlds.