Can Video Games Extend Into Other Spheres Of Our Lives?

by on October 16, 2017

Video games have been a huge part of everyday life for a lot of people for a number of years now. They’re a great source of entertainment and people love relaxing at home, enjoying their favourite game on whatever console. One thing some people forget about is that some video games have been the inspiration behind other forms of entertainment too. Many will be able to recall movies that have gone on to inspire video games but what about video games that have inspired films amongst other things?

Over the years, there have been some great films that have been made off of the back of previous success as a video game. They usually follow this pattern if there is a notable character or story line involved in the game which can then be developed further in a movie scenario. A prime example of this is the Prince of Persia movie. It was a huge success as a console game and it’s one of the stand out movie adaptations. Who doesn’t enjoy swordplay and sorcery as a game or a film after all?

Other games that have made it into the movie world with great aplomb include the likes of Silent Hill, Hitman and the all-time classic, Tomb Raider. The latter is one of the most popular video game series’ of all time and Lara Croft is the most famous female character to grace consoles and PCs around the world. It was an ideal transition from one sphere to another as Croft and the adventures she was to embark on were perfect for the big screen and extremely likely to pull in fans of the game series as well as others.

So we know that video games have extended greatly in our lives in terms of films, but what other areas do they go on to be a success too? Well, another industry they certainly have had another impact is the online casino and slot world. They’re similar is a fashion to their video game counterparts and maybe this is why they’ve been a huge hit. Slot game developers are always on the lookout for inspiration and what’s better than developing slot games based on successful video games?

We’ve already covered Tomb Raider as it went from being a video game to a movie but it also made it as a slot game too. The fact that Lara Croft is such a recognisable character makes it very easy for Tomb Raider to extend into other spheres of our lives. It’s no surprise that gaming giants such as Unibet feature Tomb Raider games in their slot selection. Call of Duty is one of the biggest selling and most popular gaming series’ of all time and there have been various adaptations when it comes to online slots. There’s the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare version as well as the more humorous take on proceedings in Call of Fruity.

Video games are one of the most popular sources of entertainment around the world. They are produced for consoles, handheld devices, PCs and more. It’s no surprise that they are regularly used as a source of inspiration for the likes of films and online slots. Who’s going to complain when they get to enjoy their favourite characters and story lines even more?