New Arcade Releases

by on December 14, 2017

Contrary to popular belief the world of arcade entertainment (the coin operated type) is alive and well. Around the world there are new video games, pinball tables and videmption games be released, and this year has seen some of the best.

Below we are going to look at a few of the most exciting releases but as winter draws in the thought of visiting an arcade isn’t so desirable, and if you are one of the many that like to curl up by the fire on the sofa in the cold season then don’t despair as online sites like Conquer Casino that provide fully immersive games for you to enjoy either from the comfort of your own home or via your mobile devices whilst on the go.

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Possibly one of the most exciting new releases in the coin operated type is The Walking Dead Arcade Video Shooting Game which has been designed by PlayMechanix. Play Mechanix also designed Big Buck Wild, Aliens Armageddon and Terminator Salvation.

It appears we simply cannot get enough of the coming Zombie Apocalypse, and the Walking Dead Arcade slams us right into the shoes of human survivors trying their best to get out from the West Georgia Correctional Facility without being ripped apart limb from limb.

There is a realistic looking crossbow controller that is mounted to the front panel, and zombies can only be killed (or re-killed) by a head shot, although the game is not so thoughtless to those that are not quite as adept with the crossbow as there is the occasional ‘bullet time’ event where you can kill off certain zombies.

Other weapons are available to do away with those flesh eaters, including, knives, axes, crowbars, hammers, propane tanks and explosive arrows to name just a few toys in the players arsenal.

What is pretty special about this game is that it is not coming to any console or mobile device making it exclusive to arcades, and with its environmental style cabinet with bench seating and its high powered ‘Thrill-D’ digital sound system the Walking Dead Arcade Video Shooting Games will appeal to many.

The award-winning Winter X-Games SnoCross Snowmobile Racking Video Arcade Game from Raw Thrills is a brilliant new motion platform snowmobile racing video arcade game.

Based on ESPN’s winter X-Games TV sporting event the game boasts a 42′ HD LCD screen with superior graphics and a motion seat. With six snowmobile racers and six killer sleds together with custom upgrades there is never a dull moment. Players can travel to Antarctica, China France Alaska Moscow Colorado and Washington D.C.

Throw snowballs at your opponents to put them off and take the lead, and then share your score to Facebook!

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