Build a Bear now selling Mario themed bears

by on December 13, 2017

Fancy a Mario or Luigi themed bear? What about a Toad or Yoshi plush? Build a Bear now has you covered.

The cuddly items themselves range from £6 for wrist powerups to £27.00 for a Bowser plush, with separate Luigi and Peach costumes costing £14.00 each. The Mario bear costs £21.50, while the Toad plush costs £8.00, and the Yoshi one costing £19.50.

There’s also a red hoodie for you to dress a bear in, a recording of the Mario theme or a 5-in-1 Bowser sayings sound device to put into the bear for one of those ‘Squeeze here’ buttons. Thing is, I can’t help but feel an opportunity was missed to include Jump up Superstar as a song to put in.

If you’re interested you can find the cuddly toys through the jump