The History of Gaming

by on February 21, 2018

The world of gaming hasn’t always been the booming billion-dollar industry that it is today and has come a long way over the past 40+ years – eight generations worth in fact!

Since the Magnavox Odyssey; the first ever home console, we have seen another 24 consoles enter the gaming market, with the Nintendo Switch being the latest release in 2017. As the technology advances so does the consumers gaming experience, with people now experiencing games of such caliber that they often find themselves on the borderline of realism.

The recent development of virtual reality (VR) is now giving millions of people the chance to enter worlds that they could have only dreamed of visiting, along with the growing e-sports scene and live streaming platforms have all become a fundamental part of the industry.

Within its run of 40+ years, the industry has seen many milestones, many of which we either haven’t noticed or have simply forgotten about. Online games retailer Fanatical have put together an interesting infographic detailing the history of gaming and what lead to the industry it has become.

Let’s see how many of these console and games you’ve played throughout the years!

A History of Gaming
Provided by Fanatical