5 Essential Note Taking Apps for Creative Ideas

by on March 14, 2018

The notes are essential for the success of the student, doesn’t matter what the specialization is. There are three basic ways of noting the important information: the graphics one, the audio one and the written one. Choose what fits your needs and use your smartphone wisely. Below you will find the list of helpful tools and applications, that could be installed on your smartphone directly. 

1. Pocket. 

This simple app can be installed both on your computer browser and the smartphone. There you can save links, pictures, videos and music from all over the Web. Even if you met some great idea or an article related to your studies during the Internet surfing, you can save it to your Pocket to take a look at it later. This application is perfect to collect the information you need from the Internet. 

2. Simplenote 

This application is perfect for making some text notes. It gained a crowd of followers during its existence. There are applications for iOS and Android as well as the web version of the service. 

Simplenote is very convenient in the organization of notes because of the tagging feature. It can be used together with the Scrivener, famous application for the writers and the Notational Velocity for OS X – the application storing and managing your notes. 

You can keep neither links nor clippings in Simplenote. But you can make a good brief plan of the meeting you’ve visited or you can highlight some ideas of the book you’ve read. 

The minimalist design combined with the convenience of usage will conquer your heart. But if you work with the multimedia, better make another selection. 

3. Alternote 

For example, you can use Alternote. This simple application allows making text notes combined with the photos and links. You can format the text, choose the font and adjust the picture size. 

You can use colored tags and fast search to reach the information you need within your notes. This application is elegant, simple to understand and intuitive. By the way, you can download it for the three-day free trial period. 

Alternote is an evernote alternative client for all the fans of Mac. It has the Evernote functionalities, combined with the Retina display support and some additional features. The app is absolutely confidential, your data will not reach any third parties. Just your Mac and Evernote. 

4. Evernote 

This application sounds familiar to many. This app gained a lot of followers around it, just like the Simplenote. The reason of it is the ability of Evernote to be an everything-at-once application. You can store almost everything: from the audio and video files to the notes written by hand. 

Evernote is not only a note-keeping app, it can be your assistant. Create an account and start organizing your whole life schedule with this flat, simple app with elephant icon. 

Evernote has applications for an Android and iOS, the desktop versions for Windows and OS X, and the web-based version. This application combines the possibilities of the personal assistant, a notepad, and the gallery. 

The power of Evernote opens up in the full measure if you use it to store all your notes from all the sources. If you are not ready to give this app a monopoly on your information, better choose some another app. 

5. Google Keep 

This application is built into almost every smartphone. This is perfectly-made notekeeper for those who quickly capture whatever comes to their mind. Google Keep stores the information on the Google Drive. Here you can make notes, create lists, store useful links and use colors to tag the notes. 

This app can recognize the image from your photos or notes or even the PDS files into the text. This is convenient if you would like to edit a PDF or photographed document, or you want to search some text. Unfortunately, Google Keep does not support any tags or search via the tags. But it’s simple to understand, intuitive and colorful. 

Getting ideas out of your head is important, and if you would like to have a reliable system, choose whatever sounds the most convenient option for you. 

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