Nyamakop’s Semblance coming to PC and Switch later this year

by on March 8, 2018

Semblance is a puzzle platformer coming to our machines courtesy of a partnership between Nyamakop and Good Shepherd Entertainment.

The game looks to be in the Super Meat Boy mould of tight spaces and deadly traps, except here you need to deform the scenery to make it through, and when that fails, you can deform yourself to make it through narrow gaps in the platforms. It certainly looks lovely, and the way you can change the layout of the levels should allow for some really experimental solutions to the puzzles.

Nyamakop are a South African indie studio comprised of Cukia Kimani and Ben Myers, while Good Shepherd Entertainment was formerly known as Gambitious BV who have brought us games like ‘Oh Sir: The Insult Simulator’ and ‘Hard Reset: Redux’.

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