The Essential Things to Consider When Betting on eSports


Gambling on eSports is one of the biggest revolutions to have taken place over the past few years in the betting industry. With tens of millions of keen observers, online betting sites have been capitalizing on the success of this niche. More and more traditional punters are now looking towards betting on eSports as a viable alternative to classic sportsbooks.

When it comes to joining in and wagering on eSports, there are few essential points which a gambler should consider. Aside from eSports bets and odds, savvy bettors always do their research into the casinos and online platforms which offer odds on events. Rather than simply diving head first into gambling on this niche, it pays to learn the complexities and basic rules which separate eSports from anything else found in an online casino.

Choosing the Right Online Site

The first step of preparing to become a fully-fledged eSports aficionado is to choose the right site. Not every online betting site provides odds and markets for this type of practice, so making sure that they do is your foremost tick off the list. Once you have found an online betting site which does, make sure that they also:

  • Hold appropriate licenses and are regulated
  • Have a good reputation and online presence
  • Provide good odds and markets
  • Offer a solid customer service and support function
  • Offer the right deposit and withdraw methods

With so many online casinos trying to be everything to everyone these days, it is easy to fall into the trap of being caught out. A little diligence and research can ensure that your first foray into gambling on eSports isn’t a disappointing one.

Learn the Basic Rules of eSports

This one needs little to no explanation. If you are happy to just throw your money into an online casino eSports game without knowing the rules, you may be set for an unpleasant surprise. The main types of eSports bets are as follows:

    • Money Line Betting – This is the most fundamental bet you will find in an online casino offering eSports betting. Simply put, you are backing the team which you believe will win. The odds are generally to the left or right of the team’s name, with the opposing odds also adjacent to its name.  Should your prediction be the right one, you will win x the amount based on your stake. Simple.


  • Handicap Betting – Sometimes it pays peanuts to bet on a team which have a significant strength advantage over another. In fact, you may be looking at such a paltry figure that it is not worth bothering at all. If this is the case, you might consider handicap betting which is based on giving the weaker team an advantage. This type of bet is popular and is typically covered by many online betting sites.


There are more complicated bets, too, which you may find covered by an operator. When betting in eSports, there is generally help provided by the online site to assist players in making the right choice. Always utilize these hints and tips when wagering with a new online betting site.