The Best Mobile Games For A Long Commute To Work


Nobody loves a commute to work. In an ideal situation we’d leave our home to a job next door. But such is life that millions of us have to board trains, jump onto buses or even take a flight to make our keep.

For many, it’s a chance to relax before a long day in the office, for others there’s a desperate need to keep ourselves entertained, particularly for us gamers.

Thankfully, the rise in technology over the last decade has replaced the newspaper crossword with console-standard games all from a mobile phone.

There are dozens of fantastic apps out there whether you take a 15 minute journey or a two hour one. We take a look at some of the most entertaining apps out there to keep you entertained each and every morning… BoomTownBingo is one of them.

Football Manager

 With the World Cup in full flow, it seems only right that our first must-play game is Football Manager. One of the best simulation games on the market, there’s an incredible amount of reality for a mobile game.

Taking over a team as manager, players can control their favourite sides or start completely unemployed at the start of a season and go on to see if they can find glory. This game is perfect for the longer commutes, particularly if you’re going to be delving in the transfer window. Be warned though, it may end up with you doing pretend press conferences from your living room and generally getting a little over dramatic at results not going your way.

Casino Games

 Usually perfect for shorter commutes, casino games are quick and easy and incredibly accessible. To those of the right age anyway. Whether playing in your browser or via an app, there’s a whole host of quick games to play.

A few hands of blackjack can be enjoyed in no time, while the number of slot sites 2018 has to offer is endless. All can be enjoyed within a quick train ride, and you never know, you may just strike it lucky.

Plenty of commuters can be seen having a spin on the slots while sat on the train these days, with games such as Rainbow Riches and Age of the Gods hugely popular. It’s also possible to play freeplay with most or grab a free bonus, so you don’t even need to spend your own cash to enjoy it.

Quiz & Trivia Games

 Trivia games are always a good way to start the day. The crossword has been a staple for generations, sharpening the mind directly before you start your dayjob.

Today, there are hundreds of quizzing apps that cover all sorts of niches. So whether you’re ready to tackle questions on sport, news, movies or geography, the App Store certainly has you covered.

Many games these days will also allow you to compete against your friends, if you want to up the stakes a little further.

Arcade Games

 Similar to casino games, arcade games offer quick and easy fun, that generally don’t require too much thinking – not something you always want to do before or after work.

The likes of Glitch Dash and Crossy Road are particularly popular iOS apps at the moment, the latter a very similar game to Frogger, a classic from days gone by. There are hundreds of arcade games worth trying though, most with simplistic visuals and simple rules that will not only waste a bit of time but keep you coming back day after day to beat that all important high score.