DC Announces Vertigo Return With Huge Launch

by on July 9, 2018

With Marvel edging past DC with its marketing strategy – thanks to stores like the Avengers Infinity War – it was time for DC to step up its game. And it is looking to do just that, trying to help build on the DC universe.


One of DC’s most famous and long-standing comics, Vertigo, is all set to return with a new logo, a new timeliness, and a new boss. DC started publishing the comics in the early 90s. Mark Doyle, DC’s new executive editor is credited for the new look. He is also known for bringing Scott Snyder in his team and will continue his performance and talent search for Vertigo.


Doyle said that all of DC’s creators from television, podcasting, music, comics, activism, games, and other departments are passionate and have stories to tell, which have become vast worlds and new characters to explore.  It doesn’t matter whether you like online casino games, we are sure you were waiting for this news for a long time now!


The Top Things to Love About the Vertigo Return


Let’s take a look at the latest comic book series:

1. Border Town from Eric Esquivel and Ramon Villalobos

The Earth cracks apart releasing Mexican monsters a border town in Arizona. A group of teenagers come together to figure out a solution and root cause of the crack.

2. Hex Wives from Mirka Andolfo and Ben Blacker

In this comic, you’ll come across a coven of witches who are brainwashed to become Stepford Wives. They slowly regain their memory and come to know who they really were.

3. American Carnage by Leandro Fernandez and Bryan Hill

American Carnage is the story of an African American FBI agent who decides to go undercover to uncover the secrets of a white supremacist group.

4. Goddess Mode from Robbi Rodriguez and Zoe Quinn

This comic is a story of an intelligent women who works as an AI tech support that runs humanity in the future. She founds out that humanity is threatened by monsters and women with super abilities. She takes on a coding battle to stop them from taking over in reality.

5. High Level from Barnaby Bagenda and Rob Sheridan

Barnaby Bagenda is bag with another promising comic named High Level, the story of a smuggler who is given the task of delivering messiah to a faraway mysterious land in the future.

6. Safe Sex from Mike Dowling and Tina Horn

In this comics, a group of sex workers come together to fight for their country’s freedom.

7. Second Coming from Richard Pace and Mark Russell

Second Coming is a comedy about God sending Jesus to Earth to study about family business from Sun Man, who is God’s other son.


2018 is Vertigo’s 25th year anniversary and all these years have seen a shift to political topics. Some of Vertigo’s best comics include Hellblazer, Animal Man, Doom Patrol, and Sandman. What do you think of the development? Let us know in the comments below!