Monitoring your Kids’ Gaming Account

by on August 29, 2018

In this age of technology, all children are addicted to video games. And as they grow older this addiction from video games turn into online gaming. No doubt, these games are helpful in developing many skills among children like teamwork and multitasking. But, as it involves the internet so, there’s always a risk involved. Majority of the online gamers are anonymous because of which there’s always a threat that your children can encounter the wrong company involving offensive content and in some cases can be a victim of fraud.   Because of these risks involved, we can understand the primary concern of every parent and as a result, we are going to guide you that you can monitor your children’s online gaming easily. And these steps are;

Monitor the new device:

Whenever you buy a new device especially to be used for gaming, be sure to set it up properly as it will be used by your kids. If you buy online gaming devices like Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Live then you can be a little bit relaxed as these gaming devices have built-in parental controls. These parental controls enable you to choose the content that your kids can play and you can also choose communication and share capabilities that you want to allow them to have. It is strongly advised that before handing over any type of device to your kids you should understand there controls properly. In the beginning, it is better to set your kid’s account as a child account so they are not exposed to adult content. Setting up parental controls is very important. They give you the ability to control and customize many features of your child’s gaming accounts. You should be very careful while setting up the visibility of your child’s account as it will allow who can find them online.

Communication Guidelines and code of conduct:

Many online and multiplayer games involve text or voice communication, which is usually established through the chat feature within the game. Your kids will be playing online games with several other players from around the world. You should talk to your children before allowing them to play online games. Being a parent, it’s your duty to guide your children about appropriate communication with other people. The devices like Xbox One requires parental approval for accepting any new friend requests. You need to teach your children that all online gaming platforms monitor their users and accounts and if they see anyone using the inappropriate language they take immediate disciplinary action against such players which can even result in getting their account banned.

Controlling online games on cellphones:

If you have older kids then they must play these online games on their smartphones as well. But, monitoring your kid’s activities on their smartphones is more difficult than on gaming devices. For this purpose, there are many parental control apps through which you can monitor your kid’s account on their smartphone as well and even keep a track of their text conversations through apps like sms tracker.